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Stepper servo motors have brought new impetus to the industrial automation industry.
The energy-saving transformation of stepper motors has brought new impetus.
Nowadays, various industries are advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. The energy-saving transformation of stepping motors has been carried out in many industries. Here is how to improve the stepping motor:
5 steps before the stepper motor is powered on
Before the stepper motor is powered on, check the following steps:
1) Whether the power supply voltage is suitable (overvoltage is likely to cause damage to the drive module); to the +/- polarity of the DC input must not be connected incorrectly, and whether the stepper motor model or current setting value on the drive controller is suitable (at the begining do not to be too big);
2) The control signal line is firmly connected, and the industrial site should preferably consider the shielding problem (such as using twisted pair);
3) Do not connect the wires that need to be connected when starting. Only connect to the most basic system. After running well, connect them step by step.
4) Be sure to find out the grounding method, or use the floating.
5) Closely observe the state of the motor within half an hour of starting operation, such as whether the motion is normal, sound and temperature rise, and immediately stop and adjustment after discovering the problem.
Sumtor stepper motor naming rules
Model: 57HS7630A4
57 refers to the mounting end face, which is 57mm * 57mm
HS refers to two-phase and hybrid
76 refers to the motor body length,which is 76mm
30 refers to current is 3A
A refers to the single output shaft
4 refers to the line is four lines

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