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Main Feature

This model of brushless dc motor drive is suitable for the power of 350 w and under high pressure three-phase brushless dc motor adopts advanced DSP control technology, this product design with large torque, low noise, low vibration, features such as rapid start-up and overvoltage, undervoltage, over current, over temperature, locked-rotor and other multiple protection function, and the speed signal output failure alarm output, and other functions. Equipped with RS232 communication control function (optional), customers can independently design upper controller for motor control according to the RS232 communication protocol provided by this product.

1, can be applied to host computer (PLC or MCU, etc.)PWM frequency or analog quantity speed regulation

2. High-voltage power supply output AC180220V

3. High-speed torque output is stable, rotating speed is stable, and low-speed torque output is large

4, support built-in potentiometer, external potentiometer and analog voltage speed regulation

5, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, blocking, hall signal illegal, temperature protection

6, communication function, controller speed regulation, display speed, and other functions (need to buy)


Electrical Parameters

Speed adjustment mode (see instructions for details) :

Note: when using ICAN bldp-01 control panel with RS232 communication port to set motor parameters (optional), please refer to the specification of bldp-01


Wiring Definition


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