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2M 2282


Main Feature

2M 2282 subdivided two-phase hybrid stepper motor driver, using ac 80 ~ 220V power supply, suitable for driving voltage 80V ~ 220V, current less than 8.2a, frame size 86130 mm three-phase hybrid stepper motor. This driver adopts the three-state control technology, the motor torque fluctuation is small, low speed running smoothly, vibration and noise is low. At high speed, the torque is much higher than that of two-phase hybrid stepper motor. It is widely used in engraving machines, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, transmission mechanism, etc.

1. A number of national patented technologies
2. Low noise, high speed and large torque characteristics
3, three state current control technology motor heating low
4. Convenient setting of subdivision current
5. Single-phase ac 80220V power supply
6, over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit protection
7, offline (ENA) protection function
8. At rest, the current will be halved automatically


Electrical Parameters


Environmental Indicators


Current, Subdivision Dial Code Switch Settings

Note: the monopulse mode can be selected by dialing bit 1 switch through the panel (bit 1 is “ OFF”) Or dual-pulse mode (bit 1 is “ ON”) In monopulse mode, the stepping pulse is connected by the pulse port, and the operation direction of the motor is determined by the level level of the directional port. Both monopulse and double pulse are effectively received by optocoupler from cut-off to conduction. Please pay attention to the effective level according to the actual wiring.


Connection Describe

Note: reset the driver fault when the offline enable signal is effective, prohibit any effective pulse, the driver's output power element is turned off, and the motor has no holding torque.


Wiring Diagram


Mechanical Dimensions




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