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General bus servo drive


Model Description


External Dimension

0.4kw installation size:


0.75kw drive appearance size:


1.5kw / 2.2kw drive appearance size:


220v-3kw /5kW and 380v-5kw / 7.5kw installation and appearance size:


Performance Index


Product Advantages

◆The current loop frequency response is 2.5khz, the velocity loop frequency response is 1.6khz, and the communication rate is 100Mbps

◆With a variety of hidden filter to improve control stability, support the speed curve planning, can be set up the hidden speed and acceleration and deceleration rounded corner Settings

◆End jitter suppression function, friction compensation function, motor cogging torque compensation function.

◆Support weak magnetic control, in high speed and light load operation, can make the motor speed continue to rise.

◆Support multiple auxiliary function parameters reset, self-learning, inching, fault history query and fault history clearing

◆support upper PC software to set parameters (upload, download, reset, import and export) : waveform monitoring (support automatic storage of waveform before and after failure, call, playback, measurement analysis, linear transformation and FPT analysis of historical waveform data); Support servo position, speed and torque control, start-stop, positive and negative rotation control, state monitoring, fault diagnosis and other operations.

◆Supports communication with multiple servo drivers with different addresses.

◆It has a security function corresponding to international standards, STO/SSI/SS2/SBC, which is safe and reliable.

◆Optional handheld operation panel for parameter setting and monitoring of servo and motor state, more convenient system debugging.


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