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High order pulse servo drive


Model Description


External Dimension

0.4kw installation size:


0.75kw drive appearance size:


1.5kw / 2.2kw drive appearance size:


220v-3kw /5kW and 380v-5kw / 7.5kw installation and appearance size:


Performance Index


Product Advantages

  ◆Advanced motor control algorithm is used to achieve faster system responsiveness, with current loop frequency response of 2.5khz, speed loop frequency response of 1.6khz and communication rate of 100Mbps.

  ◆In the actual operation state, the resonance frequency of the adaptive filter is deduced according to the vibration component of the motor speed, and the coefficient of the notch filter which removes the resonance component is automatically set, so as to reduce the vibration of the resonance point.

  ◆Automatic gain adjustment in real time, the load characteristics of the machine are deduced, and the basic gain value and corresponding friction compensation value are set according to the results.

  ◆End jitter suppression function, calculate vibration frequency and compensate to suppress low frequency jitter;

  ◆Support upper PC software for parameter setting (upload, download, reset, import, export); Waveform monitoring (support automatic storage of waveforms before and after the failure, call, playback, measurement analysis, linear transformation, FFT analysis of historical waveform data): support servo position, speed and torque control, start-stop, positive and negative rotation control, state monitoring, fault diagnosis and other operations; With a security function corresponding to international standards, STO/SS1/ s52/5bc, it is safe and reliable.


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