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3MA 860


Main Feature

3MA860 subdivision three-phase hybrid stepper motor driver, using dc 20 ~ 80VDC 18-60v power supply suitable for driving voltage 24V ~ 80V, current is less than 7.2A outer diameter of 57 ~ 86mm three-phase hybrid stepper motor. This driver USES the current loop of ac servo driver for subdivision control, the motor torque fluctuation is small, low speed running smoothly, vibration and noise is low. At high speed, the torque is much higher than that of two-phase hybrid stepper motor. Widely used in engraving machine, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, transmission mechanism and other equipment with high resolution requirements.

1, Advanced bipolar constant current chopper drive technology.

2, DC 18-80v AC 18-60v power supply

3, Photoelectric isolation signal input/output

4, With over voltage, under voltage, over current, phase short circuit protection function

5, 16 grade subdivision and automatic half flow function

6, 8 output phase current Settings

7, Low speed motor has no crawling phenomenon, low noise and no resonance area.

8, Offline command input terminal

9, there is overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, phase short circuit protection function


Electrical Parameters


Environmental Indicators


Current, Subdivision dial code switch Settings


Connection to Describe


Wiring Diagram


Mechanical Dimensions




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