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High order bus servo drive


Model Description


External Dimension

Installation size drawing of 0.75kw for E series:


Installation size drawing of 1.5kw for E series:


Product Advantages

◆The frequency response of the current loop is 2.5khz, and the frequency response of the velocity loop is 16kH2. Communication rate 100Mbps;

◆End jitter suppression function, friction compensation function, motor gear groove torque compensation function, with self-tuning function and various vibration reduction filters;

◆Support upper PC software for parameter setting (upload, download, reset, import and export); Waveform monitoring (support automatic storage of waveforms in a period of time before and after failure, call, playback, measurement analysis, linear transformation, FFT analysis of historical waveform data in case of failure) supports servo position, speed and torque control, start-stop, positive and negative rotation control, state monitoring, fault diagnosis and other operations; Equipped with a handheld operation panel, it can set parameters and monitor the servo and motor state, making system debugging more convenient;

◆Support precision standard industrial Ethernet and realize multi - sets spread synchronization control;

◆With the corresponding international standard security function, STO/SSI/SS2SBC, safe and reliable;

◆A variety of instruction input methods greatly improve the use of convenience, can be through the external terminal, handheld operator, PC PC software and bus mode to achieve position control, speed control and torque control.


Performance Index


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